Mozambican elections marred by violence as coup master Sibusiso Moyo heads SADC observers

The 2019 Mozambican elections were reportedly marred by violence .

The greatest battle is between the rulling Frelimo and opposition Renamo.

Seven voting stations did not open according to reports from the SABC reporters on ground.

There was violence reported on the day of election. Voting was cancelled and voters had two choices . They had to choose between travelling long distances to cast their vote or stay away.

One local observer was killed by the police whilst he was on duty. People were threatened with death .

Counting continues and Frelimo is leading . The people of Mozambique went out to cast their vote so that they can get a government that will resolve the unemployment challenges.

Young Mozambicans are demanding a government that will act on corruption.

Other major issues to this election include a better health system.

There are over 4000 Observers in this election, including the SADC Observer team.

The SADC Observer team is already viewed as untrustworthy because of the presence of Zimbabwe’ s Sibusiso Moyo , a retired army general who announced the coup that toppled Robert Mugabe from power .