Hende Moto Founder, US Based Divine Mafa, who is currently in Zimbabwe, where he will be launching the three wheeled car, says the company is looking for an under 30 CEO.

Divine explains that the Hende Moto is the first locally designed and assembled car for Zimbabwe.

He speaks about how the board needs to be changed to put in new people. This is to align with the thinking required to strategise for a major push to penetrate the Zimbabwean market that is not accustomed to a three wheeled vehicle.

The Zimbabwean market, unlike the Indian Market, is used to buses and Kombis. This is inefficient and costly, while a three wheeled vehicle is efficient and fuel efficient.

Divine explains that a CEO under 30 years will make a big difference and see things differently to an older CEO. Hence the requirement for the CEO to be under 30.