The National Patriotic Front Spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire accused the Emmerson Mnangagwa led government of being crooks after they announced the alleged freezing of Sakunda Holdings accounts.

Government announced that they had frozen Sakunda Holdings’ accounts which are owned by President Mnangagwa’s ally and advisor Kuda Tagwirei.

The decision was owed to parliament’s unearthing of the disappearance of $4 billion through this company accompanied by accusations of money laundering.

Mawarire’s remarks comes after government re-engaged the controversial Sakunda Holdings in the new Command Agriculture deal, investing more billions through the company.

Mawarire said ” Sakunda accounts are not closed, the RBZ gave verbal instructions to unfreeze their accounts,”.

He added that the bank avoided sending a written communication to banks due to fear that it could be leaked, revealing their corrupt activities and ignorance towards justice.

Government has been criticized for allowing the nation to be run by a cartel of fraudsters especially after President Mnangagwa’s SONA where he announced that his government was going to deal with monopolies that prevented a competitive business environment and cartels that were promoting parallel foreign currency trade in Zimbabwe.