There are growing calls for the government of Zimbabwe to make shona and ndebele compulsory up to form 2. This is said to reduce tribalistic tendencis in the country.

A high court application by a Zimbabwe teacher and legal expect has been brought before the court. The application cited the ministry of education as a respondent.

Zimbabwe has a number of languages including nambya, tonga, nyanja among others but the most widely used are ndebele and shona.

If the new calls sail through there will be greater acceptance to divergent views towards Matebeleland and Mashonaland. Unity for purpose will also be elevated since Zimbabweans will be able to communicate efficiently.

Popular figures have already started to second the proposal with award winning journo Hopewell Chin’ono attributing that the call was long over due.

I am happy that someone is finally challenging the Government to make Shona & Ndebele compulsory up to Form 2. This reduces tension in communities & it removes the doctrine of OTHERS! If I spoke Ndebele, I would not only be able to teach in Matebeleland, but even in South Africa.