Opinion: SONA, ED Mnangagwa Expected To Clear Himself After A Series Of Embarrassment

ED Mnangagwa is expected to deliver a shallow State Of the Nation Address. Prices of fuel and basic commodities have gone up sometimes twice a week. There is absolutely nothing new ED Mnangagwa is expected to deliver except trying to defend himself and his cronies through his old tired song of blaming sanctions .

ED Mnangagwa and Mthuli Ncube came back home empty handed last week from UNGA held in New York. ED Mnangagwa addressed empty chairs . World leaders boycotted his speech . They knew in advance what he was going to say.

Tommorrow ED Mnangagwa is set to bump into another humiliation at home when the MDC led by Nelson Chamisa is expected to either boycott the SONA or walk out . The MDC has already threatened an uspecified action against ED Mnangagwa tomorrow .

Civic organisations are also expected to humiliate ED Mnangagwa tomorrow .

Zimbabweans are waiting to hear how ED Mnangagwa is planning to restore the economy and stop the wide spread abductions that have taken the country with a surprise .