It was revealed this week that Nelson Chamisa and Charlton Hwende are failing to pay back a $100 000 CBZ loan.

The loan was taken through a company called Pelvin Investments.

Both Nelson Chamisa and Charlton Hwende are directors in the company.

What is the problem with this loan?

If Charlton and Chamisa are business partners, Chamisa can not be expected to be independent whenever Charlton Hwende is involved.

Chamisa and Hwende registered their company using the address of the MDC Head Office. This means these two MDC leaders are using Harvest house for their personal business.

Job Sikhala

Earlier this year, Job Sikhala was also on a list of CBZ debtors who failed to pay back their loans. Sikhala failed to pay back his loan of $100 000

The question has always been asked as to how someone like Sikhala who has very little in terms of assets can qualify for a loan of $100 000

Tendai Biti

Tendai Biti law firm is responsible for debt collection at CBZ. This means that the Vice President of the MDC will be collecting a debt from the President of the MDC


– The CBZ loans show the top leadership of the MDC in bad light.

It shows that Chamisa, Hwende and Sikhala have bad judgement.

– There is also the question of whether Tendai Biti leaked the information to embarrass Nelson Chamisa.
– The top MDC leaders have possibly been politically compromised by these loans if they fail to pay back. Since CBZ is a government connected bank.