Writing on his Facebook wall, Kudzanai GK Masaire had this to say

‘Some people do not know that immigration laws worldwide are very biased against Africans and sadly even on African soil.

An uneducated, unexperienced and unskilled person from German, France or Poland, who cannot even speak English can walk into Britain and work without immigration officials questioning.

But an educated, skilled, qualified experienced African nurse, artisan and even engineer from a Commonwealth country cannot do the same without been asked to sit for an expensive and difficult English test “to prove their English profiency” even though their country is an English speaking former British colony.

Even if they pass the test, Tier 2 work permits candidates are by law supposed to be considered last for a job interview after the counterparts from European countries are exhausted.

After the job offer only from a fancy “group A sponsor” the cost to apply for the work permit exceeds £1500 that in most cases have to be footed by the migrant.

Now to apply for a Permanent Residence in Britain for example to match the ground of your colleagues from European countries you have to earn £35 000 a year, even doctors may not earn that, what more a common person.

The saddest thing is that even on African soil, a person still goes through this. Think again when you harass “illegal” African immigrants.