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Mashurugwi Ringleader arrested?

Social media reports last night claimed that the ringleader of Maziga Faction of Mashurugwi has been arrested. Pelandaba, whose surname is not given, is reportedly...

Mnangagwa Running Mashurugwi – Albert Matapo

Zimbabwe People Power Movement Leader Albert Matapo has slammed Mnangagwa for running Mashurugwi. Matapo said Jonathan Moyo was correct to say Mashurugwi were formed by...

Shocking Prophecy -Container With Guns For Mashurugwi Headed For Beitbriddge

A shocking prophecy from Prophet T Sawana has revealed that the machete group popularly known as Mashurugwi will become worse. This is because these people...

STIs Ravage Mashurugwi at Jumbo Mine

Mashurugwi at Jumbo Mine have been ravaged by STIs. Speaking to Sly Media, one Mashurugwi has confessed that many men are not using protection. The Mashurugwi...

Mashurugwi Not Allowed To Carry Machete – ED Mnangagwa

ED Mnangagwa has said the carrying of Machetes by Mashurugwi is illegal: However, what is left is to put in place the sentencing for...

Is ED Mnangagwa Building A Secret Militia Against General Chiwenga?

Pardon Gambakwe looks at the dangerous situation developing in the Midlands. A previously loose outfit of illegal miners is becoming a ruthless militia and that...

Grace Mugabe Warns ED Mnangagwa About Supporting Mashurugwi Gangs

A Facebook account linked to Grace Mugabe, Shebeen Herald, has linked Mashurugwi to ED Mnangagwa. The Account posted the following : We have really became a...


WATCH LIVE: Mnangagwa feared a coup was in progress

WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at Mnangagwa's actions which showed that he was preparing for a coup. Please watch the video above this post for...
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