Social media reports last night claimed that the ringleader of Maziga Faction of Mashurugwi has been arrested.

Pelandaba, whose surname is not given, is reportedly the ring leader of the Maziga, a Faction of Mashurugwi that is based in the Midlands.

This follows a viral video where a number of Mashurugwi were seen brandishing Machetes and long knives.

Alleged Picture of Pelandaba

Pelandaba , the alleged ringleader of the Mashurugwi, is seen here in this viral video chanting the Mnangagwa Slogan – 2030 Ndinenge Ndichipo

Another Facebook post shows Pelandaba being interrogated by intelligence officials who do not appear in the video.

Pelandaba under arrest?

It is not clear why only Pelandaba was arrested as the viral video featured many unmasked Mashurugwi. These Mashurugwi were not arrested and do not appear in the arrest posts.

Many people on social media questioned the report of Pelandaba ‘s arrest and speculated that it could be staged to woodwink ordinary Zimbabweans.

Mashurugwi are widely believed to be working for State Security Minister Owen Ncube, an ED Mnangagwa henchman.