Prominent journalist Hopewll Chin’ono has praised Bulawayo Mayor David Coltart following the completion of phase 1 construction at Egodini Rank.

Taking to Twitter, Hopewell said Coltart’s short reign shows that none corrupt, skilled and dedicated political leader can deliver towards the country’s development.

“We celebrate the leadership of Bulawayo’s Mayor, David Coltart. His projects meant for the ordinary citizen show that we have a serious leadership crisis not only in ZANUPF, but in Zimbabwe”, said Hopewell.

A South African company called Terracotta Trading Private Limited is running the project after it won the US$ 60 million tender in 2016.

“This bus terminal project was started but never finished until David Coltart became mayor. It is a reflection of the many white papers that gather dust in Zimbabwe’s government bureaucratic system”, he wrote.

Chin’ono urged all zimbabweans to support Coltart in developing Bulawayo and the country as a whole.