Tafadzwa Mugwadi warns Mutarisi against provoking ZANU PF

Buhera West Member of Parliament Tafadzwa Mugwadi (ZANU PF) has warned businessman Tinashe Mutarisi to desist from provoking the government.

This comes amid Mutarisi’s clash with controversial prophet Passion Java, and musician Mudiwa Hood on social media.

Mutarisi accused Java and Mudiwa of fabricating lies against him in a bid to bring him down.

Posting on X, Mugwadi warned Mutarisi against using his social media platforms to push for a confrontation with the Government.

He said: “To then single out electricity challenges as if they were targeted on you or that they are unique to Zimbabwe alone in light of known variables affecting electricity availability is literal dishonesty.”

Tafadzwa added that Zimbabwe has produced some of the greatest billionaires for the government to only target Mutarisi’s business.

“Why would you think in this class, you are the hilltop that should be targeted? While individually, entrepreneurs put effort to grow their businesses, let us not desecrate the creators of the environment by unprovoked innuendos. Some modicum of decency and respect will do.”