Gemma Griffiths celebrates her father’s birthday

Zimbabwean musician Gemma Griffiths penned a beautiful tribute to celebrate her father’s birthday yesterday.

Taking to Facebook, Gemma said her dad is one of the strongest support systems in her life.

She said:

I am Gemma because of the people I have in my life. The people who have been there in all the moments, behind the scenes supporting me. My dad is without a doubt one of the strongest support systems of my life. He has been to more shows than I can count, when I was playing to just a handful of people right up to when I have headlined shows.

He drove all the way from Harare to Malawi with my beautiful mum to watch me perform at Lake of Stars. He has watched from backstage, front stage and all the in betweens. He has made such an impact on not only me, but so many fans, who share their own stories of meeting Baba Gemma 🤎 he has shared my music with everyone he meets.

TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY, and I don’t get to hug him in person because we are in different cities.. so please drop a HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA GEMMA in the comments for him. 🤎 I thank God every day for my parents. X