Jah Prayzah snubs Baba Harare album launch

Prominent musician Jah Prayzah snubbed Baba Harare’ Padziva camp and caravan.

Jah Prayzah who was the headlining artist, did not show up for the launch.

Baba Harare was supposed to share the stage with Jah Prayzah, Gemma Griffiths, Voltz and Vimbai Zimuto.

The Jiti artist has always paid tribute to Jah Prayzah for uplifting him in his career.

Meanwhile, the album has tracks, Prove Them Wrong featuring Voltz JT, Chiuyai, Ahee, Ndini Ndinaye featuring Gemma Griffiths, Tsamba Yerufu, Mombasa Nairobi featuring Saintfloew, Muchazvirega, Kwaanenge Ada featuring Commanders Dimax, Dzikama featuring Culture Love, Chisevo featuring Vimbai Zimuto and Bum Bum remake featuring Papa Penny.