Bobi Wine Says Museveni Is A Brutal Dictator.

Ugandan pop star Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bob Wine has described President Museveni as one drunk with power.

Mr Kyagulanyi further claimed that Museveni ‘s regime is worse than that of former president Idi Amin Dada, who was accused of killing many Ugandans while in power from 1971-1979.

He said he never intended to be part of politics, neither pay much attention to any political space until his passion of consciousness was awakened by human rights violations for the last 36 years.

Bobi said he was once humiliated by a police officer at a hotel while wining and dining with other celebrities saying he is showing off. The incident reminded him of humiliation many Ugandans face hence from that day he decided to be a voice of social justice.

He said General Yoweni Museveni rules Uganda with an iron in his hand, he has always rigged the elections with the help of personalised military.

Adding, he said he is a useless dictator, one of the most corrupt in the world hence they are enemies until today.