Ruvheneko speaks about losing her tiwns

Popular Media Personality, Ruvheneko, has spoken passionately about losing her twins and her divorce.

She told host, Trevor Ncube, that she felt the shame that she could not carry a child in her womb.

Ruvheneko said the first lesson she learnt was that not everyone is happy for you. She said she regrets sharing her pregnancy on social media. She said she delivered her children and she lost them at birth and it was not a miscarriage.

Ruvheneko said there was no blood, she held them in her hands and they were breathing and then they were done. Ruvheneko said so many women reached out to her, even those who were close to her.

Ruvheneko said anyone going through this should reach out to family and friends.

Speaking about her media work, Ruvheneko revealed how she started her Media company, Neko inc, at the Borrowdale race course.

Ruvheneko said she started off on Facebook and YouTube. Leading into the elections, Ruvheneko said she had a lot of interviews with top level politicians such as Nelson Chamisa, Dr Nkosana Moyo and Mai Mujuru.

Ruvheneko says when she launched, UNICEF was one of her best clients.

She says growing out of Zimbabwe was the most important tasks as she had to up the quality of her productions.

Ruvheneko says she reads a lot before she goes on stage.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.