Tendai Biti goes after Mthuli Ncube

CCC legislator Tendai Biti has slammed Finance minister Mthuli Ncube for destroying Zimbabwe’s economy as prices of basic commodities skyrocket.

Writing on social media, Biti said only two weeks ago the rate was US$1 to ZW$1000, now the rate is at US$1 to ZW$4000.

“This means in a mere ten days working people & pensioners have lost 400% of their wages & pensions.Truth is the kakistocracy has failed & failed in absolute terms.”

He said Mthuli has failed to deliver on his 2018 promise of stability and reform, proving to be “incompetent and a clueless charlatan who is run and controlled by cartels”.

“Treasury the natural gate keeper has become the gate crasher. Thanks to Mthuli , State looting is now on steroids”, he wrote.