Chipaz Promotion apologies to Makhadzi

Veteran show organiser Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza has apologised to Makhadzi after she was attacked while performing in Mutare on Friday.

Makhadzi had to run for cover after some of the fans started throwing missiles at her.

In a statement, Chipaz Promotion apologised to affected fans and Makhadzi who was caught in the mishap.

“Good evening Zimbabwe we would like to put the record straight as we hosted the recent Makhadzi Show in Mutare. First of all we would like to apologise to affected fans secondly we apologise to the artists mainly Makhadzi who was caught in this mishap.

Makhadzi was billed to perform at exactly 12 midnight as planned and she was indeed on time. Just before she went on stage whilst Chillspot were performing, some rowdy fans forced open the barricades that demarcated Mbombera and vip section and Chillspot had to calm them down.

As Makhadzi went on stage Standard Ticket holding fans wanted to get a close view of their favourite artists and they forced their way closer to the stage thereby encroaching VIP section a scenario that did go well with VIP fans and thats when pushing and shoving started which resulted in standard Ticket fans throwing cans towards Vip section and those in the Vip retaliated throwing cans back .

So cans beeing thrown towards vip some would go towards stage and this disrupted Makhadzi’s act and it ended her much liked peformance .

We managed to let her escape and we brought in Chillspot to calm the situation down. The show then ended at 4.30am .

So cans were never about the artists but exchange of cans between VIP fans and the Standard Ticket fans. Once again we apologise to Makhadzi and hope we will work with her again in the near future.”