Zambia has three Directors of Public Prosecutions

Three (3) People are Now Enjoying the Status of Director of Public Prosecutions In Zambia.

Zambian office of the DPP is now an institutional and Constitutional Limbo and Quagmire.

Legally and Constitutionally Speaking, the office of the DPP for the first time in the history of our country has 3 people enjoying the previleges of the office of DPP salaries and emoluments inclussive!

These includes

This legal stalemate has come about due to the fact that When MUTEMBO NCHITO was relieved of his duties by the former republican president Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, Mr NCHITO went to court and the court stayed the decision of the President pending determination. During the time the matter is on stay Mr.Nchito has to continue to enjoy the benefits that are due to a Zambia DPP until proven otherwise by the courts of law.

The second DPP is Mrs Lilian SIYUNI FULATA who was suspended yesterday 14th September 2022 by President Hakainde Hichilema. Due to the legal and constitutional quagmire that sorrounds the termination of employment of the DPP, president HHs hands are tied as he can’t fire Lilian but can only suspend.

Because she is not fired but marely suspended, it legally means she is still a DPP with the right to enjoy the pleasure that comes with the office of the DPP.

The third DPP is Mr.Katongo Ian WALUZIMBA was was appointed in acting capacity as DPP for administrative convinience purposes only replacing the suspended SC madam SIYUNI. The acting DPP is by virtue of his appointment now entitled also to draw the emoluments and other benefits that comes with the leisure and pleasure of the office of the Zambia DPP.