Zimbabwean, Xolisani Ndlovu is wanted for the murder of Owen Ndlovu in South Africa

Zimbabwean, Xolisani Ndlovu (28), is  wanted for the murder of Owen Zhozho Nyoni (41) on the 10th of June 2022 at Emhluzi Extension 7 Mpumalanga in South Africa where they were drinking alcohol.

Police in Mpumalanga confirmed the incident and say the accused Xolisani is from Lupane and was once a neighbour of the deceased in Jambezi Hwange before his family moved to Lupane.

Police say on the fateful day, the accused left the spot they were drinking with Nyoni and visited the deceased’s wife. He then borrowed money from the deceased’s wife, while the wife was checking for cash to give him, the accused stole a knife and hid it in his trousers. He then went back to his friend whom he used to call brother to continue drinking.

The unsuspecting Nyoni was drinking and having a bit of cash he withdrew from the bank while in the company of the accused. The killer then withdrew his knife and stabbed the deceased near the heart and he died on the spot after heavy bleeding. The accused fled the scene and hasn’t been seen since.

Its not known if he took anything from the deceased.

The family believes Bhudiza Xolisani Ndlovu was hired by someone to kill him. They don’t know the motive behind it. This is someone they didn’t suspect would do such a horrible thing as he was taken like family hence visited the deceased and stayed with him.

The suspect is believed to be living in Hilbrow SA with his relatives who are hiding him and has been spotted many times in the area. Friends of the deceased, family and police are trying to find his whereabouts. They are appealing for help in locating him.

Owen Nyoni was married and leaves behind 3 children, 2 daughters and a son who is doing grade 3.

The devastated family wants to understand what happened and why Bhudiza killed Owen. Anyone with information please assist the family by contacting Police in Mpumalanga, the family on or inbox this page.