This man was the finest footballer,zimbabwe has ever produced till today.

His name is Moses (Bambo)Chunga.

He was a talented footballer in the late 80’s and he spend most of his footballing career playing abroad and recked in millions of dollars in the process.

Today the aging man seems to be totally broke ,l guess!.

Along this past weekend,the seemingly aging and suffering Chunga was spotted somewhere in the zimbabwean capital Harare,trying to get a commuter bus to the CBD.

Social media was set ablaze as many quried what could have happened to Bambo,as he affectionately known in the football world in zimbabwe.

Judged by his ailing outlook,things appears to be not ok to our once great Bambo.

Many expected Chunga to be living a lavish life given the man has recked in millions during his playing days.

He is a proffesional football coach at unnamed football club in zimbabwe.