Recently I had the opportunity to privately meet U.S Secretary of State Anthony Blinken & raised the issue of escalating political violence in Zimbabwe.

I was called a sellout yet the violence now being done openly & indiscriminately persists & increases.

What hurts our nation is not that we are telling the world about the brutality but that we are expected to be quiet as ZanuPF beats, abducts & arrests us for doing what our constitution grants.

Our fellow African governments fail to denounce clear human rights violations choosing instead to mount useless PR campaigns for the Zimbabwean dictatorship. Nobody stands for suffering defenseless Zimbabweans.

We’re doing it ourselves both at home & abroad becoz we realize we’re on our own.

SADC you know what is happening but you remain silent. We want to be proud of our country🇿🇼 but not when we’re treated like slaves and worse. Everywhere we are across the world, we are not silent and WE WONT BE SILENCED!