He started business by making shoe racks from free wooden off cuts to owning a company.

Meet our own Blessing Moyo is a 28 year old man born and raised in KwaBulawayo . Attended both primary and high school at Inzwananzi Primary and Inyanda High irrespectively.

Years went by was employed at Kitchens for Africa as a driver delivering material and employees onsite ( company errands ) . Days passed by only doing what I was tasked to do since I had no skill in the field, it took me no time I was playing around the tools where most people would warn me how dangerous a grinder and other electrical tools are but I never stopped from wanting to learn the Interior works ( Kitchens and Ceiling Installation ) of which I constructed a shoe rack using off cuts and sold it for $60. To gain more expertise did online research which resulted in running a trusted and reputable home improvement company that is B.M INTERIORS

>kitchens skims
>wardrobes ( BIC )
>Ceilings ( design and skeeming)
>TV Stands 3D
>Wall skeeming
>Electrical Installation
>Tiling ( floor n wall )
>Installation of granite tops ( quartz e.t.c )
With its aim to add beauty and functionality in your homes.

If blessing started his business with free off cuts , what’s stopping you from starting small. Some of us are stagnant blaming their rich relatives for not supporting their dreams. Stop blaming relatives, parents, economy and government.

Let’s support this young honest man. Local is lekker and local is mnandera.

Contact him on +263 78 536 1471

Wake Up and grind.

Vuka Ugeze ubangene lawe.