The Daily Mail today reported claims by ITV sports journalist, Ned Boulting, that an ITV security guard was hired by the UK government to kill the late Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe at the World Cup Final in South Africa by breaking his neck.

Boulting, 53, said the unnamed security guard blamed Mugabe for his brother’s death and that it was his ‘lifetime ambition’ to kill him.

Ned Boulting

Speaking on The Never Strays Far podcast, Boulting explained that the security guard had claimed he had meetings with some Zimbabwean opposition leaders and the British foreign secretary at the time in Cape Town.

Referring to the guard as Peter, he said that the man had seen his opportunity following the announcement that Mugabe would be a VIP guest at the final in Johannesburg.

Boulting said that Peter told an ITV cameraman that he would ‘snap Mugabe’s neck’- 32 minutes into the second half of the match between Spain and the Netherlands.

Although the attack never happened, Boulting, who is ITV’s lead commentator for the Tour de France, believes that the man did want to kill Mugabe.

Key events at the time

  1. Mugabe attended the World Cup Final together with Morgan Tsvangirai.
  2. Zimbabwe had a GNU at the time, John Nkomo was acting President at the time.

Key Points for discussion

  1. Is the un-named security guard a Zimbabwean?
  2. Why was the assassination not carried out?
  3. What was going to happen after the assassination?

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