US blocks more Chamisa funds

Popular US based political activist,  Freeman Chari, has expressed his frustration after World Remit banned him from using their platform to send funds to Nelson Chamisa ‘s CCC.

World Remit joins GoFundme,  which blocked over $120 000 from being sent to Zimbabwe over concerns that the funds would be used to fund military activities.

Writing on Twitter,  Chari expressed his belief that World Remit has been ordered to block his funds by higher powers.

However,  World Remit is adamant that Chari violated their terms of use.

Chamisa has been running CCC without formal structures and many security analysts believe that his new party has a secret militia.

Please see the letter written to Chari by World Remit  informing him of the ban below:

In the letter, World Remit says Chari can not use their service to send funds  to CCC on behalf of unknown organizations.