WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media looks at the latest new twist in the Kuda Mahachi court case in which he is being accused of burning his son, Diego with hot water.

Two medical reports 

Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that there are now two medical reports regarding the condition that Diego is suffering from.

The first reports says Diego was not burnt and is suffering from a skin condition. This report was produced by a senior doctor at the hospital.

A second report, which was  produced by a student doctor, claims that Diego suffered various forms of abuse including being punctured with sharp objects.

Independent report

Last week, Mahachi ‘s lawyers requested an independent report from a private doctor.

The results of this report has not been seen by Gambakwe Media.

Where is the case now.

Maritha Ndlovu has opened a police case against Kuda and Rose in Bulawayo. The case will be heard in court this week.

The case relates to the human trafficking of Diego from South Africa to Zimbabwe. However, Gambakwe Media is reliably informed that the case does not mention anything to do with abuse.

Maritha has also opened a police report against Mahachi in South Africa, for assault.

What happened to Diego, how was he hurt?

Diego arrived in South Africa with a skin condition. Pictures seen by Gambakwe Media show Diego arriving in South Africa with a skin breakout.

Maritha told Mahachi that the breakout on Diego ‘s head was normal.

Pictures of Diego taken from Facebook show Diego with a hat most of the time due to breakout on his head.

During all this time, Mahachi took great care of Diego.



After some time, Diego was injured. It is reported that the maid put salt on the wound and he was taken to hospital for treatment.

The injury happened on 4 March and was treated at hospital and he was fine.

It is therefore clear that Diego’s condition was caused by ifection breakout on his head and not by the scalding.


According to various sources, Mahachi’s sisters got a medical doctor who came and injected Diego with a certain substance. The injection resulted in the medical contributions that Diego is experiencing.


There are various complicated issues sorrounding this case and there the public need to be more open minded when judging the situation.