Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says Members of Parliament calling for the replacement of Kembo Mohadi as VP are misplaced.

He said any opposition MP agitating for the appointment of Mohadi’s replacement is getting involved in ZANUPF factionalism.

This comes after Charamba yesterday told NewsDay that Mnangagwa does not answer to anyone over the appointment.

Describing MPs who have been calling for Mohadi’s replacement as “ignorant”, Charamba said: “It is a prerogative of the President to decide when to appoint a minister or a Vice-President”.

Hopewell said the opposition MPs should use parliamentary time to hold Mnangagwa’s Government to account for its failures and not getting involved in ZANUPF factionalism fighting for another freeloader to come on board!

The appointment of another Vice President will not make the life of Zimbabweans, it will make things worse because it means another fat cat looting public funds.

The post has been vacant since February last year when Mohadi resigned over a sex scandal involving a female staffer in his office.

Norton MP Temba Mliswa (Independent) has been also been pressing for Mohadi’s replacement, saying it was depriving the people of Matabeleland of representation.