Chin’ono exposes names of councillors who approved the Pomona shaddy deal

Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has exposed names of councillors who approved the Pomona shaddy deal.

Writing on social media, Chin’ono said after posting a list of councilors who approved the #Pomona deal, some of them dishonestly said they were not there.

The City of Harare awarded a US$344 million waste-to-energy contract to Geogenix BV, a company registered in the Netherlands and owned by Albanian Mirel Mërtiri, who is facing corruption allegations at home over a contract for an incinerator.

The city council is expected to pay at least US$22 000 a day and US$14,600,000 a year, cumulatively more than US$300 million after 30 years, according to its contract.

Here is the full list of the councilors and City of Harare officials who approved the deal with the attendance register and their personal signatures on it!