Zimbabweans contribute towards the upbringing of Elvis Nyathi’s children

Zimbabweans are contributing towards the upbringing of the late Elvis Nyathi’s four children following the gruesome murder of their father.

Nyathi was assaulted and burnt to death in Diepsloot by a group of vigilante residents.

Writing on Facebook, Ezra Tshisa Sibanda said Elvis’ two children Sindisiwe and Mike enrolled at Nhlambabaloyi Primary.

He said:

The late Elvis Nyathi’s children Sindisiwe Nyathi and Mike Nyathi are now in school Ladies and Gentlemen. I want to thank the headmaster and Senior teacher of Nhlambabaloyi Primary School for their understanding and allowing these 2 to enroll in their school. They listened and heard our pleas and cries for help.

Teachers and students of Nhlambabaloyi School gave the 2 a warm welcome, it was all smiles and laughter as they started in their new school. We are now working hard to get a place for form One for Khumbu, their elder brother. Let’s continue supporting this family, we are still asking for donations, bricks, cement, asbestos etc to build a house for them in Ntabazinduna. Thank you good people!