WATCH LIVE: Kuda Mahachi tries to sacrifice his child in South Africa.

WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media looka at the sad case of Zimbabwe international soccer player, Kudakwashe Mahachi, who scalded his son, Diego, with boiling water in an attempted money ritual in South Africa.

Mahachi, who is now married to Rose, took the 4 year old boy from his mother, Maritha Ndovu, in Zimbabwe on 18 February and flew him to South Africa. It is unknown what happened, but Kuda is said to have boiled water and poured it over the boy resulting in Diego getting third degree burns. The case is now being handled by Interpol.

After the incident, Kuda and his wife locked the child in the house until his wounds became infected. They then arranged for Diego to be smuggled back to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe where Kuda’s mother kept him for four days without taking him to hospital.

Diego is now being treated at Mpilo hospital.

According to online platforms, Kuda is reported to have been attempting to perform a ritual when he scalded Diego. Blood rituals are often performed by soccer players to enhance their skills and in some instances to get wealth.

When asked by local Media in Zimbabwe what happened, Kuda blamed his sisters, Meline and Sinikiwe and said they injected Diego with an unknown substance after he arrived in Zimbabwe.

He denied smuggling the boy to Zimbabwe. However, Zimbabwe immigration confirmed that Diego.

Key points for discussion

  1. Why are police not arresting Kuda Mahachi?
  2. Did Kuda and Rose mahachi try to perform rituals using Diego?
  3. Why has Supersport United failed to act on this case?

Please watch the video above this post for more details.