Bulawayo man reveals how he joined satanism in South Africa

Marion from Bulawayo has revealed how he was forced to join satanism at a tender age due to hardships he faced in his life.

In an interview with Tilda Moyo on Starfm, Marvin said he grew up with his grandmother and later moved to his father however he was always abused.

He said he ran away from his home looking for a job in Shamwa were he met a man who made him join satanism.

Marion said he used $5 to buy a chicken that was part of his initiation process in the satanic world.

He said he moved to Bulawayo where he joined a satanic group from South Africa and he was initiated after killing a baby.

Marion became known as the child killer in the satanic world and was made to sacrifice his abusive father and his grandmother who took care of him while he was a child.

The man said he could cause accidents for him to get blood adding that he had 16 girlfriends including married women.

He said he disegarded the rules of the satanic cult when he was told to kill his grandmother and began seeking help from people.

Marion said he was threatened with death by the people he had joined however after contacting Starfm a number of people offered to help him.

His mum broke down into tears in the studio after hearing what her son went through seeking to be rich. She however forgave Marion and told him to be a prayerful person.