Kuda Musasiwa calls for a shutdown as ZUPCO fails to meet demands

Entreprenuer Kuda Musasiwa has called for a shutdown following ZUPCO’s failure to meet demands.

Writing on Twitter, Kuda said people should voluntarily lockdown and stay home as a way of protesting against massive transport woes.

He said: “Considering maZupco are nowhere to be found, people can’t get to and from work… why is no one thinking about calling a #Shutdown. Let’s just volunterily Lockdown and stay home?”

In 2020 the government banned all kombis and urban transport providers from the road under the guise of protecting people from COVID-19.

Kuda said staying at home is a peaceful way to protest and could bring some seriousness to something being done.

ZUPCO has consistently failed to meet demand   despite scores of bus owners registering with the company.

Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono shared a picture of people going home sitting on top of the bus.

He said: “Zimbabweans going home sitting on top of buses bcoz Government has failed to manage public transport due to LOOTING of public funds. To think that Emmanuel Makandiwa said ZANUPF was doing great works such that Mnangagwa didn’t need to campaign is staggering! There you have it!”