SA police deny Elvis Nyathi’s friend a witness protection order against murder suspects

Ezra Tshisa Sibanda says South African Police have refused to give Prince a witness protection order as he identifies people who brutally killed his friend Elvis Nyathi in Diepsloot.

Writing on Facebook, Sibanda said Police want Prince to risk his life by attending an identification parade of suspects without protection.

Ezra said Prince who is suffering from trauma is nervous and very concerned about his safety.

He said:

The SAPS have refused to give him a witness protection order but wants him to risk his life by attending an identification parade. He is the only key witness which the state will rely on in court. Mr Prince who was interviewed by this page a few days ago appears unwell and fearful after his ordeal and remains hiding.

He is so nervous and very concerned about his safety. Surely as the key witness, the SA courts have an obligation to grant Prince with a witness protection order because there is a high possibility those evil criminals will try to destroy the case by eliminating him.

The witness protection order enables the witness to satisfy themselves that the prisoner whom they suspect is really the one who was seen by them in connection with the commission of the crime. Second part is to satisfy the investigating authorities that the suspect is the real person whom the witnesses had seen in connection with the said occurrence.

In order for the case to go for a fair trial, witnesses are needed and they should be protected by the law, so they should give it to Prince. SA which brags about being a fair, just and democratic country should do the right thing and protect Prince. Prince has been told to appear at the parade as soon as tomorrow without fail. The SA police investigating this case refused to respond to my questions #justice4elvis #StopXenophobiap