Hopewell Chin’ono calls Linda Masarira a clown

Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has called LEAD President Linda Masarira a clown.

This comes after Linda said Chin’ono runs to Western summits to undress his own country.

Writing on Twitter, Linda said: “I never ran to summits to look for western approval but led an organic uprising without funding.”

Responding to the tweet, Hopewell said: “They dont invite clowns at summits”.

Masarira condemned Chin’ono’s 2022 Geneva summit speech exposing how the ruling party ZANU PF is embezzling national resources.

“Did I go to Europe and sat in front of white crowds demeaning my country? My struggle was real. It was to remove Mugabe from power and I did that with all my strength, mind & sould. Did you listen to my speech in Germany? I never undressed Zimbabwe there. Neither did I look for sympathy”, she wrote.