Hakainde Hichilema Declares War on illegal Zimbabwean business in Lusaka

The government of Zambia has declared war on illegal Zimbabwean businesses in Lusaka.


According to multiple Zambian reports, the war has been declared by Lusaka Mayor Chilando Chitangala.


She is on a mission to deal with more than 3,000 foreigners who are trading in Lusaka Central Business District.


She told reporters that most of the illegal businesses are owned by Zimbabwean internationals riding on fake Zambian names to cover up their stay in the neighbouring country.


The Patriotic Front-PF politician warned that the Lusaka council in collaboration with the Immigration department will soon remove the foreigners from the city in order to restore sanity


The statements by Chitangula come as nearly 200 000 Zimbabweans are also under the cosh across the Limpopo where their stay on special exemption permits is on the line, with just under 12 months left to regularise their stay or face being deported.


Speaking when she featured on Hot FM’s Breakfast show yesterday, Ms Chitangala said most of the foreigners are even using fake Zambian names to conceal their real identities and some of them sleep at Intercity Terminus thereby causing congestion at the station.