CHAOS as returning ZEP Zimbabweans get 30 day stamps in South Africa

Zimbabweans returning to the Republic of South Africa have been given 30 days by the immigration officials.


Zimbabweans with Visa’s have been given 90 days meaning if the 30 or 90 days expires the Zimbabweans will be deemed undesirable.


According to Ngqabutho Nicholas, the 30 and 90 days affect everyone including those who traveled using air transport.


However, he said the ZEP permit holders who have been given 30 and 90 days must not panick because they have a grace period of 12 months.


The panick comes after South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs declared that it will not extend permits for Zimbabweans based in the Republic of South Africa.


The Department of Home Affairs ordered Zimbabweans to leave South Africa by 31st December 2022.