Zodwa Wabantu Faces Arrest in Botswana

Prominent South African singer and entertainer, Zodwa wabantu is facing arrest in Botswana.

According to multiple local reports, a warrant for her arrest has been issued in Botswana.

She could be charged with breaking Botswana’s laws as well as Humanity Ethics.

This stems from the fact that she dresses scantily and is a self-proclaimed pantyless dancer, frequently taking off her panties on stage, flashing her essentials, and allowing people to touch her improperly during her performances.


The performer was scheduled to appear at the Take It Easy Music Festival in Maun. The event organisers issued a statement on social media in which they stated that she will not be headlining their concert as previously scheduled.


According to the statement, even if the Botswana Police had not prevented her from attending the event, the Bogosi Leadership of Maun village, where the festival was to be held, would not have allowed her to perform there.