7 Kids Die in Horrific Car Accident Afrer Stealing their Father’s Car

Atleast seven youths have died following  a horrific Car accident near Lake  Mutirikwi on New year’s day.


According to multiple sources one of the deceased boys,  Blessed Paradzai (22) stole his father’s Nissan Caravan and went for a joyride with his friends.

Among the seven who died are three blood brothers and their nephew.


The Caravan had over 10 passengers, Six died on the scene while the seventh person died in hospital Sunday morning.


Following the horrific accident, the bodies of the victims were ferried to Masvingo General Hospital for post-mortem while the injured were referred to the same institution for treatment.


According to multiple sources, the father works in South Africa and had just bought the car and sent it home intending to use it when he returns.

Below are the names of the deceased youths:

Nomore Manyengavana, a male adult aged 21 of Chitiyani Village, Masvingo.


Wisdom Paradzai, a male juvenile aged 17 of Chikwanda Village, Masvingo.


Adwin Paradzai, a male adult aged 18 of Chikwanda Village, Masvingo.


Vitalis Chikati, a male adult aged 19 of Mumbendi Village, Masvingo.


Joseph Madyambwa, a male adult aged 18 of Madyambwa Village, Zaka.


Washington Mhikuro, a male juvenile aged 17 of Muzarira Village, Masvingo.


Blessed Paradzai, a male adult aged 22 of Muzarira Village, Masvingo.