Nick Mangwana mocks MDC A for failing to mobilise people to register to vote

Permanent secretary for Information Nick Mangwana has mocked the opposition MDC Alliance for failing to mobilise more people to register to vote.

This comes after Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) yesterday revealed that it registered only 2 000 new voters in 2021.

Writing on twitter, Mangwana said the opposition has very little of it on the ground.

“So all those campaigns and hashtags from self-appointed Social Media Influencers cum Award Winning What what, only produced 2000 registrants? That appears like an organic figure anyway. Guys, stop hyping up your clout. You have very little of it on the ground.”

Zanu PF and opposition parties rolled out voter registration campaigns during the course of the year to register millions of first-time voters ahead of the 2023 harmonised elections.

Responding to Mangwana, Freeman Chari said the he should be interrogating why 1.2 million expected new voters are not being registered instead of mocking.

This is fucked up coming from you Sekuru as a civil servant. Instead of interrogating why 1.2 million expected new voters are not being registered, you find this a mocking matter? ZEC has a responsibility which it is failing on. Amanaka

The main opposition MDC Alliance is targeting six million voters.