Vimbaishe Musvaburi had surgery to remove 20 tumors

Popular Zimbabwean political activist, Vimbaishe Musvaburi has revealed that she is recovering from surgery, during which 20 tumours were removed from her uterus.

Writing on Facebook,  Musvaburi said:

4 weeks ago I went through a 6 hour surgery and had 20 tumors removed from my Uterus. I have a scar from one hip to the other across my stomach which is still healing.

During this photo shoot I couldn’t close my zips I couldn’t stand for too long but I had to give my children some great memories and smile. I think I did well with zero make up even, I just wanted to go to bed.

I would like to thank God for life this Christmas , Moreso glorify him for giving me these 2 beautiful babies.

It’s Christmas day but ladies please go for your PapSmear test often it’s important.
Merry Christmas to you all.