Francis Chingonzo, an executive at Zimbabwe’s biggest tea company, Tanganda, in Chipinge/Manicaland has been laid to rest.

He suffered a stroke on Wednesday and was taken to Chipinge hospital, there was no medical expertise to deal with the medical problem, and there was no ambulance to take him to Mutare.

He was driven to Mutare where again there was no neuro-surgeon to attend to his complication.

Air ambulance couldn’t fly into Mutare to pick him up because the local airport in Mutare has no landing lights.

A neuro-surgeon had to drive to Mutare to stabilise him.

He was stabilised and put in a road ambulance to Harare.

The ambulance also had to actually come from Harare.

He got to Harare where he was taken to a private hospital where he was operated on.

Unfortunately he died on Wednesday morning.

Tanganda did everything possible, but it was in vain because Zimbabwe’s health care system collapsed long ago.

He was laid to rest yesterday on Friday, the 6th of October 2023.