Tino Mambeu launches USD 2,4 million fundraiser for Chamisa

PROMINENT Zimbabwean solar businessman, Tino Mambeu has launched a campaign to raise USD$ 2.4 million for Chamisa ahead of the much anticipated 2023 elections.

Mambeu said the funds will enable Chamisa to defend his votes if there is rigging in 2023 .

Mambeu took to social media to announce that thousands are still donating to help Chamisa who lost to ED Mnangagwa in 2018 by a slim margin.

“Ladies and Gentlemen 


Comrades and friends. 

Zimbabweans all over the world allow me to draw your attention to this noble effort that we have launched today to raise money towards the 2023 harmonised elections! 

Yes it is common cause that Zanu Pf has taken away all forms of funding that were meant for the MDC alliance under the able leadership of my brother and President Nelson Chamisa as per the political parties financing act.  

As the citizens of the great motherland we have now taken it upon ourselves to fund raise towards these elections. 

We are emboldened by our desire to see a great and prosperous Zimbabwe for our kids and future generations… this is our battle and I urge you to join me and other progressive Zimbabweans in contributing to this worthy cause. 

Come ladies and gentlemen great children of the soil. We are doing this. 

1205 usd has so far been raised since we launched less than 3 hours ago. 

Amazing isn’t it? 

Don’t be left out. Your great country needs u now morethan ever. 

Use the link below for your donation. 

Thank you,” he posted.

For the past few months, Nelson Chamisa has been receiving money from his supporters.

Last week Chamisa ‘s supporters raised USD 120 000 for a bullet proof car. The supporters also raised money to repair Chamisa’s car which was allegedly attacked on his way to Masvingo.

Some of the money will be used to repair Chamisa’ s Mercedes Benz, which broke down in Harare over the weekend.