Prominent ex-detective, Joseph Nemaise has explained how he managed to rescue his family from armed robbers.


In a video widely circulating on social media,  Joseph said he was away from home when he received a call from his son Courage.


“I was in Mandhara where I usually work when my son Courage called me to notify me that the thieves have broken into my house. I was carrying a 9mm Pistol gun with 7 riffles. I had to take with me to Chadcombe the security guard I was with when  I received the call. He had a better gun with 15 riffles. We drove to Chadcombe with a speed of 100km per hour. I did not stop at any traffic lights or humps,” he said.


Nemaise went on to explain how he managed to eliminate the three guys who died at the scene.


Watch the full video above