Scared Makandiwa paid R2. 3 Million to destroy evidence

Ambassador Uebert Angel was recorded confirming that Makandiwa has a second wife and five girlfriends

In a shocking revelation, YouTuber, Proff Ex has revealed that Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa paid over R2,3 Million to various YouTubers and IT experts to destroy J Israel and Ambassador Uebert Angel.

The information leaked after one of the It expects, Malvern Kandembiri, was not paid.

Proff Ex said at first, he was paid R300 000 by Makandiwa’s fixer, Evidence Chari, for certain videos of J Israel.

Proff Ex said he was promised another R700 000 to set up two other plots to get Blessing Mashwanga to admit that she was Makandiwa’s second wife.

Proff Ex was assigned to acquire a cellphone call recording of Ambassador Uebert Angel confirming that indeed Makandiwa has two wives and five girlfriends.

Blessing Mashangwa Project

Proff Ex said Evidence Chari wanted to make money out of Makandiwa using the story that Blessing Mashangwa was Makandiwa’s second wife. Chari would then go back to Makandiwa to get money from Makandiwa.

Uebert Angel Project

The second project was for Uebert Angel to be called and be recorded. In the call, Angel was supposed to confirm that Makandiwa had a second wife. Chari paid R500 000 of the promised R700 000.

Proff Ex says Ambassador Uebert Angel was then recorded confirming that Makandiwa has two wives and five girlfriends.

Why is Proff Ex confessing

Proff Ex said he is still owed R200 000 by Evidence Chari. This is part 1 of a three part series where Proff Ex said he will be exposing Makandiwa.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.