Themba Mliswa slams Hopewell Chin’ono

Independent Norton MP has slammed Hopewell Chin’ono for aqcuring his wealth fraudulently.

This comes after Chin’ono blasted MPs for fighting hard when it comes to their welfare instead of fighting for those who voted them into power.

“If Zimbabwean Members of Parliament fought with such vigour on implementing Political Reforms, Ending corruption, stopping abuse of citizens opposed to corrupt rule, this country would be somewhere!

Posting in a twitter thread, Mliswa said he knows everything about Hopewell and how he made money through credit card fraud.

“I don’t need to be told anything about you. I know you and you know that. We were together in Slough in the UK with Supa and while some of us went for double shifts you never did. Why, because you made money fraudulently through credit card fraud.

“Your narrative of being a correspondent for BBC is a fallacy because you were there on attachment. You are not a Christiane @camanpour or some such international journalists as you sell yourself to be as justification for the life you have.

“There was never anything special about your being a journalist as to have the kind of life you have. The reason is that you made money through credit card fraud and selling the country out to the West.

“Resultantly, you have protected yourself against criminal charges by bootlicking the West whilst attacking your own country. Your bitterness with the government is also about how you lost out on the promised ZBC CEO position.

“We were together in Operation Restore Legacy as you supported the new dispensation. You had been given assurances that you would take over at ZBC and had even struck some deals with foreign channels. However, that did not happen and you have become bitter.

“That has been inspiration for you to get on the payroll of foreign powers so as to hit back at the government. That’s why you are quiet on issues to do with whites whilst you are constantly ranting against the country. It’s your insurance against criminal charges from the West.

“You are simply pulling things out of context to create a false proportion because that’s how you get paid. Some of us we do things out of principle and passion and are not on anyone’s payroll.”