WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media looks at the recent events sorrounding the UN special Rapporteur on the negative impact of sanctions, Elena Douhan.

Today we look at the response by the opposition party, the MDC Alliance after the production of the report.

Key points for discussion

1. The MDC Alliance announced that they have written a letter to the UN complaining about Elena Douhan.

2. Biti said the MDC Alliance has  procedural and substantive issues againsy Douhan.

3. Biti said there are no sanctions in Zimbabwe, but targeted measures that were imposed due to vote rigging and human rights violations.

4. Biti refused to address the issue of weather the ‘measures’ were affecting ordinary citizens.

5. Biti said there should only Dialogue that is guaranteed by SADC, however, he refused to accept the position of SADC on sanctions.

Procedural issues 

1. Chamisa wants to know who funded Elena Douhan ‘s trip.

2. Biti says Douhan did not accord the MDC enough respect during their meeting.

3. Biti says the preliminary report was produced too soon after their meeting with Douhan.

Substantive issues

1. Biti says it’s not true that the’ measures on Zimbabwe were unilateral.

2. Biti disagreed with the findings of Douhan on the impact of the sanctions on the economy and said Zimbabwe is trading openly with other countries with no impediments.

3. Biti denied that sanctions are causing corruption.

4. Biti said the only solution is dialogue between Mnangagwa and Chamisa mediated by the SADC.

5. Biti said Zimbabwe did well during the GNU with the measurea in place.


1. The MDC Alliance is going to pay a heavy price in the 2023 elections for supporting sanctions. They need to dissuade themselves of the belief that the sanctions are benefiting them.

2. Chamisa’s position will make him lose the respect of African leaders and he will now be seen as a puppet.

3. Sanctions in Zimbabwe are affecting neighboring countries and they will not appreciate the position taken by the MDC.

4. The report was directed at the USA and the MDC Alliance have now taken it upon themselves to reject it.

5. The hard line position taken by Chamisa will backfire as we go towards the 2023 elections.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.