Pictures: Beitbridge Border Post Nears Completion

Work on the massive US$300 million modernisation of Beitbridge Border Post into a world class commercial hub has gathered momentum with major developments under the first phase of the project almost complete.

The modernisation of Beitbridge is one of the key projects being undertaken by the Second Republic to promote the ease of doing business and trade facilitation.

Civil works are being rolled out in three phases among them pre-commencement works (phase one), internal border infrastructure development (phase two) and outside border infrastructure development (phase three).

The project will see new terminals being built for each vehicle category. They will include new vehicle parking areas and feeder roadways.

New cargo scanning equipment will be installed to allow for faster inspection of cargo and detection of fraud, contraband and potential threats; explosives, radioactive materials, among others.

Manual unloading and inspection will also be reduced while a new ICT system will be installed that will allow an automated queuing and payment system for truckers.