WATCH : Memory Machaya is not dead – ZRP

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has arrested confirmed that Memory Machaya (22), who was reported to have died during child birth at an Apostolic cult shrine in Marange is not dead. The late teenager is named Anna Machaya, with the identities having been switched by the cult in a bid to mislead police.

Please watch ZRP spokesman, Inspector Paul Nyathi speaking during the Press conference below.

Inspector Paul Nyathi said this during a Press Conference in Harare yesterday.

He reveal that Hatirarami Momberume has been arrested and was charged with rape after his 15-year-old “wife” Anna Machaya died during child birth.

According to a statement by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Anna was buried at a Johanne Marange shrine in Bocha.

The police is also pressing charges against Anna Machaya’s father, Elmore Machaya (45) and mother Shy Mabika (36) for obstructing or defeating the course or justice.

The police openly lied to the police that Anna Machaya was born 2nd January 1999.

The mother went on to give police investigators a national identity card in a bid to prove that she was born on 2nd January 1999.

Read the statement below for more details