Exiled former cabinet minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has defended Roki and Koffi Olomide’s new song “Patati Patata.”

Moyo said that there is nothing offensive in the song’s lyrics and called on Zimbabweans to support one of their own.

He took to Twitter to support the song.

He wrote:

“If anyone is offended by the insipid Kofi Olomide lyric, “ED Munangagwa, Number One”, which he chants only once in his “Patati Patata” collabo with Roki & Tanzania’s Rayvany, then they need a moral compass. The chant is dumb, but not offensive. Give #Roki a break, he deserves it!”

Patati Patata” was released to a huge buzz on Wednesday.

Two days later, the video of the song has already garnered more than 2 million views on Youtube.

The video has sparked a lot of controversy on social because Koffi Olomide endorsed the president in the song.