Mai TT speaks about Baba TT’s current wife

Social media personality Felistas Murata Edwards popularly known as Mai TT has revealed that she has reunited with Baba TT’s wife.

She opened up that she  used to hate Baba TT’s current wife because she snatched him from her.

Mai TT said that she recently forgave her because she had the grudge for a long time.

Speaking during one of her live shows she said they both had hate for each other.

“Ever since Baba TT married her, we never had a one on one discussion because tanga takamakana from a far.
“At the end of the day, you don’t keep grudges forever. Whatever happened is now in the past,” she said.

Mai TT was thankful for the way Baba TT’s current wife takes care of TT.

Mai TT also revealed that she is now friends with Baba TT and she admired the way they are co-oparenting.