WATCH LIVE: How Gambakwe was sent back to earth

Watch LIVE as Gambakwe speaks about his near death experience before he was rushed to the ICU.

Five days of sickness

Gambakwe explains how he fell vey sick and went to the GP who gave him some medication. He took the medication for seven days while isolating at home.

Roaring Sound

On the fifth day of his sickness, Gambakwe started to hear a continuous roaring sound in his ears. he says , events from the past started to continuously play like a video on repeat in his mind.

On the seventh day Gambakwe went back to the GP who told him that he had already done everything he could do for him and if he felt sick he should go to the Doctor.

Five mysterious figures

On the 8th day, Gambakwe’ s condition deteriorated. Gambakwe said he thought his condition would improve and it never occurred to him to go to hospital.

He suddenly fell sick and was unable to walk up and down a few steps without a struggle.

Gambakwe’ s wife became concerned and decided to buy an oxygen machine. While she was gone, Gambakwe’ s condition suddenly deteriorated.

Gambakwe went into the garden at the back of the house and fell sleep.

After what seemed like hours he woke up and struggled up the stairs and collapsed onto bed.

Gambakwe fell into a deep sleep and was taken into a place where he was no longer seeing with his eyes or hearing with his ears. Instead, everything he was hearing and seeing was going directly into his mind.

Gambakwe says he saw five figures that he can not describe. Four figures were at the top in the mist and the other figure was closer as if it was right inside or next to him.

The four figures had made a decision.

The fifth figure spoke to Gambakwe and simply said

“Everything has been addressed.”

At that moment Gambakwe woke up. Within a few minutes, Gambakwe’ s wife arrived. She had brought the oxygen machine and a gadget to measure the oxygen levels.

Gambakwe’ s Oxygen level was at 66.

After consulting, a decision was made that Gambakwe had to be taken to hospital immediately. The Oxygen machine was not even opened.

An ambulance was called and Gambakwe was taken to the ICU on the 8th of July 2021. After seven days, Gambakwe was discharged on the 15th of July 2021 to continue his recovery at home.

Gambakwe says he believes he had an encounter with Angels or spiritual beings that saved his life for a reason.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.